Christian Andrew EP

by Christian Andrew

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released December 13, 2013


all rights reserved



Christian Andrew Adelaide, Australia

Christian Andrew delivers a mix of mellow acoustic sounds largely influenced by artists such as John Butler, Newton Faulkner and Andy McKee. A solo artist, he shares his personal experiences within his lyrics and melodies, allowing his emotionally charged music to intimately connect with his audience. ... more

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Track Name: Little Bluebird
Celebrate the ordinary
Simple things in life will set you free
Those dollar signs will make your eyes weary
Glitter and gold won’t set you free

And I see a little bluebird sitting in a tree
I walk on by and he whistles down at me
I hear and smell the brand new day of spring
Enjoy a whisper and it makes me wanna sing la da da daa

(Whistle the chorus)

What comfort will it really give you
Materialistic things you seek
Your burdens getting kind of heavy
With all the sequins that you keep

This laughter’s worth its weight in gold
It glows a light in my soul
My fire to live it’s burning brighter
I won’t grow up I’ll just grow old
Track Name: Hope
You did find me in all my sorrows
Brought this glow back into my tomorrows

And you make me shiver and give me all these feelings
So I’ll pull you nearer and whisper how I love you so

And you make me shiver and give me all these feelings
So I’ll pull you nearer and tell you how I love you so
And you make me shiver and give me all these feelings
So I’ll pull you nearer and whisper how I love you so

And all I see is you illuminating
Wonder where you fell from how long I been waiting
I found my shelter in your desire
This flame you gave me now it’s burning brighter

And darlin’ darlin’, don’t you walk away
Forever in my arms I want you to stay
All of these nights I did pray
And then an angel did fly my way
Track Name: Please Close The Door
In my mind you’re playing tricks on me
Define the answer and let me be
Holding hope, but its deceiving me
It’s clear the answer so why the mystery

Please close the door so I can leave
Crush my hope and wish to die
Please close the door so I can believe
That one day I will be free

While I’m waiting they all form a line
My name is tainted by the perception of your lies
I don’t want to be
To be rejected and living helplessly

And all I wanted was for you to speak the truth aloud
You tied this noose around my neck but wouldn't cut me down
Forever falling, always falling, until my feet did hit the ground
Forever falling, always falling, until your heart did speak aloud
Forever falling, always falling, until my heart did hit the ground
Forever falling, always falling, until your feet did speak aloud
Track Name: Goodbye
You cast your spell upon me made me lose my mind
I know your honesty was just to release me from this bind

I don’t want your pity
I don’t need this pain
So I know I have to let you go
And watch you walk away again
And watch you walk away again

I let emotion take the wheel and steer me over the line, I crossed the line
I've burnt the bridge I wished to walk on as I’m sure you’re probably long gone ‘out of sight, out of mind’
This embarrassment I feel it’s like a crime, so I’ll ask you for a penny for your thoughts but I’m broke I got nothing not a dime

You did paint a picture that was clearer than a mirror
But I just wouldn't listen as I tried to pull you nearer
Apologize for acting silly but my eyes weren't seeing clearly
You did nothing wrong which leaves the words of this song to say goodbye, goodbye, so hard to say goodbye
Track Name: Don't Forget Me
The clutching of your fingers, your skin decayed from all these winters, as you bleed the tears are flowing with this pain of never knowing when its time
And the mumbling of your words, as the crumbling clearly hurts and the stumbling started this fall

Too late, too soon

Please don’t forget me when this life I depart
You don’t have to believe me but know I put up a fight
Please dream about me we’ll be together in your dreams
Please be strong I’ll be in your heart tonight

We bless you with our love to leave as your fighting oh so patiently
With your thanks we’ll survive
Leave your weariness behind and spread your wings, cause in heaven you will fly

Make each moment last

When I’m used and finished in this life, make it swift Lord and hold me tight
Brace your arms and hold me by your side
Papa, you’re forever in our hearts tonight

Make each moment last

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